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Chicago Gutterglove owner, Laura Miller, graduated from Elmwood Park High School in 1993, where she studied construction and architectural design.  She then went on to attain her Associates Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Mechanical/Architectural Design from ITT Technical Institute where she graduated with honors.  After marrying and having 2 boys, Laura moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she opened her own roofing company in 2000, Tuff Shield Roofing.  Since then, her expert team of installers has worked on well over one thousand roofing, siding, gutter and window projects.

We know how important your home is to you and have built our reputation on providing you with the best in material and service.  Along the way we have installed all types of gutter cover systems as they have become available but we were never satisfied with their performance.  Reverse curve systems simply don’t work and the thin aluminum screen systems were easily crushed under the weight of the heavy snow and ice loads that are common in our area.  We also found that the vinyl framed micro-screen systems on the market today warped and twisted in the summer heat which allowed the mesh to easily fall out of the frame.  All of these products had very poor long term performance overall.  So after many complaints and call backs, we just stopped selling them.  Now we have found the best gutter cover system in the world, Gutterglove gutter guard.

Before opening Milwaukee/Chicago Gutterglove, we installed it on our own homes and put it through the test before bringing it to you.  We wanted to make sure that only the very best system available on the market today would be the one we offered to the most important people in the home improvement business, you, our customer. Gutterglove passed the test with flying colors and we found no flaws in the system, so proudly we opened Milwaukee/Chicago Gutterglove LLC. That was in 2005.  Since then we have installed over 200,000 feet on homes all over Wisconsin and the Chicagoland area.  We have four full time crews to offer you prompt and professional service.  NO  SUBCONTRACTORS.  Our team of professional installers aren’t just gutter guys but are also knowledgeable in roofing and siding so that we can guarantee you the highest level of service on each and every project.

Also the inventor of Gutterglove, Robert Lenny, never stops creating great new products.  With the introduction of the Gutterglove Ultra product and the amazing Gutterglove IceBreaker product, we can now solve all your gutter protection needs, including ice dam and icicle elimination.

We hope to offer our gutter protection customers the same value and professionalism as we have our thousands of customers in the past.  Before you choose any gutter protection system, be sure to give us the opportunity to show you why the LEADING CONSUMER REPORTING MAGAZINE AWARDED US THE HIGHEST RATING OF ALL THE GUTTER PROTECTION ON THE MARKET TODAY.

Also check out www.tuffshieldexterior.com

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